VisionOnline: Information Assurance Services



VisionOnline offers state-of-the-art Computer Incident Response Capability (CIRC). This capability is a combination of our extensive qualifications within the information security process and our partnership with nationwide leading providers of 24-7 incident response services. VisionOnline and our partners represent a unique and comprehensive team that provides a complete CIRC solution. This solution can include artificial intelligence based processes for continuous data collection and analysis.


An effective incident response function is critical to the success of every business — whether commercial or government. It can mean the difference between minimal network downtime and a damaged reputation or extensive financial loss. When an intrusion occurs, you need a system that stands ready to prevent further damage to your network and company operations. Everyday, our technical team will identify and respond to any such incidents as they occur on your network. Our team includes experienced technical investigators who are qualified to analyze incident data and identify the nature and source of network security breaches. This proven group also can provide short-notice response to resolve your network security incidents.


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