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Take charge of unstructured information — in any form, anytime, anywhere!


VisionOnline has been providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and services to organization, small and big, since our inception more a decade ago. By way of bundling industry leading ECM software tools and methodolgies with VisionOnline ECM service offerings and proven strategies allows us to manage an organization’s unstructured information, in whatever form and no matter where it exists.


ECM solutions initially touted the benefits of eliminating paper from the office, reducing inefficiencies by, for example, enabling speedy access to documents that were previously hidden in forgotten filing cabinets.



Today, enterprise content management solutions mean much more than that. Now businesses use, store and access information in many forms beyond paper — data streams, electronic files, video and other digital media, web content and email. But typical database-driven enterprise applications deal—by definition—only with structured information, and have no capabilities for managing, or connecting users with, the tide of unstructured content.


Enterprise content management solutions bridge that gap with products that enable you to effectively capture, manage and access all your information.


Capture - ability to receive input from vast array of sources in electronic/digital and non-digital formats. We deploy technologies and concepts that fall under this umbrella include character recognition, barcoding, document imaging, forms processing (both paper and electronic, or e-Forms), content aggregation and indexing.


Manage: Our effective management solution encompasses:

  ■ Annotation and Redaction

  ■ Collaboration and Version Control

  ■ Workflow, Routing and Approval

  ■ Electronic Signatures

  ■ Records Management

  ■ Secure Storage

  ■ Auditing

  ■ Disposition (final action taken)




With VisionOnline ECM solutions, you get the precise information you need, when and where you need it, regardless of the context.

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