Smarter Construction


Smarter construction is about easy and cost-effective building through the smart combination of products, systems and processes. It’s a balancing act– and it can be achieved without sacrificing aesthetics or sustainability.


Many mainstream builders are concerned about minimizing costs. That’s understandable given that many volume building companies are run on lean margins and housing affordability is an escalating concern. When you analyze the cost of construction, though, it’s easy to focus only on the cost of materials and the cost of labor. But what about the cost of downtime?


At VisionOnline, our team adheres to the principle of smarter design within a budget in every project that we take on.  Our Team explores the typical costs and smarter options to build each of the key elements of the building design from the outside, like roofs, external walls, openings and clip-ons, as well as those on the inside, like wet areas and internal walls.


We can–and should–make green buildings even smarter!


According to survey conducted by IBM/Garnter Group, smarter buildings can reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 percent and sometimes more. Lower maintenance costs from efficient use could be reduced an additional 10 percent to 30 percent. But how do increased energy conservation programs help improve overall sustainability?


VisionOnline team can help you achieve higher level of sustainability and reduce energy consumption by:


  ■ Operational maintenance and improvement to reduce maintenance downtime and cost


  ■ Building retrofit programs to improve efficiency of existing assets (low-e energy efficient windows/roofs/walls)


  ■ Design and remodel better space management



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