VisionOnline: Careers

Why Choose Us:


VisionOnline is looking for a select group of talented, motivated individuals who can help sustain our growth, shape our destiny, and become the future leaders of our company. IT and project management professionals today must align themselves with companies that can take them to the next generation of technology. By combining your skills with a company that is constantly on the leading edge of progressive technology you can be assured a key role in the future of IT services. VisionOnline has some amazing technical opportunities for people who want to make a difference in the growth of the organization.


Our Commitment to your professional growth:


VisionOnline was founded on the premise that our greatest asset is our people. We concluded that if we could nurture our staff and keep them happy, our staff would keep our clients happy, and in return our clients would keep VisionOnline happy. Everyone wins! That's why VisionOnline is an organization that recognizes people as its most treasured asset and treats them that way! Look no further than the VisionOnline "We Care" program and you will see our commitment to this philosophy. Why do we do these things? It makes sense!


VisionOnline offers:

Progressive Technical Opportunities

Competitive Salaries

Paid Overtime

Performance Bonuses

Employee Referral Program

Paid Vacation

Paid Sick Time

Paid Holidays

Mileage Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement

Group Medical

Group Dental

Prescription Drug Card

Vision Service Plan

Flexible Spending Plan

Maternity and Paternity Leave


Top quality people receiving quality treatment, delivering quality services! Choose to join the VisionOnline team today! You will be glad you did...





Systems Engineering & Integration.
Program Management

Agile Development.

Mobility/Cloud-based Solutions.

 IT outsourcing services.